LEST WE FORGET squeezed back in with an 18 VOTE MAJORITY....Cllr. Irene Walsh CON Stanground Central VOTED IN FAVOUR OF MAGNA PARK..

Thursday, 14 November 2013


(This appears as a matter of record, however many of the questions asked at the time are still valid for the May 2016 Local Government Elections) We've lost Irene Walsh and Cllr turnip has tweeked his CV. Don't waste 2 Votes in Stanground South  as they hope to hook up again with Marco in Hampton. Only £3million on the solar farm adventure and don't forget Cllr Harpers glittering record  Catch up here:  http://parkfarmneighbourhoodwatch.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=Cllr+Harper,turnip 

Stanground Central Consevative Councillor Brian Rush is standing for re-election in May 2014. We'll be getting the Conservative glossy Political Pravda magazine pushed through all our the doors very soon. We thought we would through a series of helpful posts, assist him write his election blurb as the Tory magazine will gloss over the wave of disasters unfolding all around us.

Hopefully they won't be photoshopping the picture of  Cllr Brian Rush as they did for Cllr Irene Walsh (seen here pre-photoshopped) who scraped back in after a few tearful recounts with a majority of 18!


Source: Peterborough City Council (November 2013)

Peterborough is ranked 71st most deprived local authority district out of a total of 326 nationally

Nearly 36% of Peterborough’s Lower Super Output Areas are in the most deprived 20% nationally, with one featuring in the bottom 4% nationally

• Compared to the rest of the country, Peterborough’s total median annual pay (gross) is only slightly below the national average of £21,794

• Whilst numbers of job vacancies have risen, there has been an increase in Job Seeker Allowance claimants

The available jobs do not match the skills available from a majority of our unemployed citizens

Child poverty at 24% is significantly higher than the national average of 18%

Life expectancy in Peterborough is significantly lower than the UK average

• 11,256 households (15.6%) live in fuel poverty, although this is slightly below the national average of 16.1%

• Over the most recent twelve months, there has been a reduction in the unemployed rate by over 2000 people within the City.


Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hide it behind some trees.....

"....with a possible ADDITIONAL 33 hectares  (or 3.3 MILLION SQ. METRES) in the neighbouring district of Fenland [next to Stanground South...]"

Bless, one of the recent election candidates running for Stanground Central thought we could get the Dubai World owned Magna Park massive eurocontainers unloaded "behind some trees and containers unloaded inside warehouses." That's what he told BBC Peterborough Breakfast Host Paul Stainton on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire.

Simply we are talking about a quotes" a Strategic Regional road/rail freight interchange on land to the north-east of Stanground." Specifically concreting over a huge historic flood plain 'DrySides' stretching from the middle of Park Farm, Stanground then having trashed the floodplain, altered the watertable, this massive construction extends all the way over to the windmills by the railway and down to Kings Dyke so actually going way beyond Peterboroughs Unitary Authority borders.

Even though the seriously useless Cllr Christopher Harper voted against, he was outvoted and will be outvoted every time by the Conservative whipped majority. So a Magna Park style monolith could still arrive on your doorstep, but by that time your children will be inhaling the carcinogenic fumes from "The Great Place to Biomass..." the Peterborough INCINERATOR voted for by Cllr Harper, and Cllr Cereste

The Site Allocation DPD plan voted for by the PCC Tory controlled Cabinet (NO ONE ABSTAINED) calls for a railway, rail sidings, and huge crane gantries  - such as you would find at a massive container port. A much smaller example of what will be certainly be called Magna Park can also be found at Milton Keynes. 

For a fuller explanation  I suggest everyone has a good look at Peterborough Site Allocations DPD Inspectors Report February 2012 Appendix A Paragraph 156 -161 inclusive (pages31-32) and the updates insertion on Pages 42 and 43 entitled MM19 (SC/37) Page 27 insert after para 4.13. Now this is the new 'kicker', no one saw this one coming:-

"....with a possible ADDITIONAL 33 hectares  (or 3.3 MILLION SQ.METRES) in the neighbouring district of Fenland."

Magna Park Meet the new landlord ....
...... and his Chairman

Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Julian Bray writes: I've added this regulation hard hat to the Believe in Stanground!  armoury, as if the block voting Stanground Tories have their way, we'll have one of the UK's largest building sites on our hands for a couple of years or so, and noise and traffic pollution for the rest of our natural lives, we'll all then need regulation hard hats; thanks to Cllr. Irene Walsh, and with very few new local jobs to show for it.

The developers (pre Arab Gazeley) orginally said 5,000 jobs would be created , then within weeks, they quickly revised it down to 4,000, then using comparative industry manning figures for automated warehouse sheds, it tumbles by almost any yardstick you care to apply,  to a less than impressive 1,500. Hmm big drop!   Cllr Walsh blustered for a sound bite at the cabinet meeting simpering she was against the project, THEN PROMPTLY VOTED IT THROUGH AS PART OF A BIGGER PACKAGE!  Still it was to be expected as part of the robotic votiing we have all come to expect from the Stanground Tories....

The background to this picture is in fact the actual site where a gigantic Magna Park rail freight interchange is scheduled to dominate Stanground. The project now owned by Dubai, as UK company Gazeley sold out to Dubai World. Cllr. Irene Walsh who is defending her Stanground Central seat on May 3rd, voted FOR imposing a Magna Park on us during the recent cabinet meeting of council.